Saturday, February 20, 2010

Vitorchiano and the carciofi (artichokes)

This is Vitorchiano. Helen says if we lived here, she would not go out on that veranda but might consider putting washing out as is a signora way up north, down the end there.

We have made a note in our diary to go back to Vitochiano next Wednesday.

We had a big success with the artichokes, but are unlikely to be able to reproduce such success in Australia. That recipe said the secret of success was in choice of artichokes. These are choice artichokes!

An excellent, simple and authentic recipe. We have eaten two of the carciofi [pronounced CAR CHOFF - FEE], we have the other two cooked to eat tomorrow. Helen says the other success secret is the good glass of local wine she had while we worked together.

We got those wonderful carciofi from a man in the market in Vitorchiano, who has a 20 hectare farm near Lake Bolsena. The Wednesday Vitorchiano market is in the square outside the walled city which is on the amazing peninsula in this googleearth map.

I have been trying to find a moment to put up more photos from last Wednesday, including Vitochiano. I now find the wonderful page about her home, Vitochiano, by Linda Lappin.

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