Wednesday, February 10, 2010

giorno due - day 2

Last night and this morning, misty turning to thick misty rain. Delightful to walk around.

Here are photos of Elena opening our front door. And another photo looking up to the castle, up to which we have yet to climb. And a photo taken a few steps away, a wonderful vegetable garden. And two front doors of houses, one more inviting, the other more prickly.

There is a small supermarket we have yet to enter. Shops are small shopfronts amid the houses in steep streets. The food is astounding, there is a freshness and lightness, the quality of cheeses and breads and fruit a new experience, we will have to think about what more to say about that and whether we will ever be able to leave it behind. The long long ride in the B747 from Sydney is a gothic memory not wanting to be revisited.

Now the streets are quiet in the afternoon, siesta... More writing another time...

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