Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tre Scalini - last dinner in Soriano

We seem to have settled for dining in the restaurant 40 metres from our door - four times in four weeks, and all wonderful fresh food. As someone said to us on the first day we were here: "why bother eating anywhere else." It may sound less than positive as a comment, perhaps, but read it the other way: "nothing better".

Our host Roberto (he who did the lunchtime on-the-spot-invented song and dance the other day)

and Lui

Our meal this evening began, as once before, with assaggini di pesce - little tastes of fish

these are not professional food photos, they do little justice
they are just pointed iPhone.
... hiding in the middle of which something very cheeky and innovative, a half passionfruit stuffed with little shrimps.

Followed by cockles and mussels (cozze e vongole) in a broth with white wine and olive oil, alongside a gratin of long shellfish, in their own super fingernails.

Helen return to a dish of chicken with porcini mushrooms, in a truffle cream sauce.

Dennis had saltimbocca, a Roman dish with scallop of veal, leaf of sage, slice of prosciutto crudo. It did not supplant the memory of the first time with this dish, it is very hard to cook well and was not as well cooked this time as before (too long cooked, or the meat not as good).

As a vegetable dish, cicoria, chicory, wonderful wasteland weed, which was light fried with a little porcini mushroom.

and for dessert after that we said please:
tiramisu, uno
cucchiai, due
Tiramisu 1, spoons 2
with Roberto finishing each line for me
and then bringing a doppio or larger serve.

When I said it seemed a doppio he grinned and said ssshhh.

The atmosphere is warm and local and we will go back there, wherever we may stay, if we are fortunate enough to come back to Italy.

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  1. Gosh HAWT and time has flown!

    What a wonderful record of your experiences together.

    / Drools over the food ...

    Would be great for you to travel again soon.

    Also - yes - I recall the park from the film you took of me on the slippery slope. Very beautiful place.

    Suse :)