Sunday, February 21, 2010

Florence: a final word, about the police

There are lots of police about in Florence, in cars and on foot. As elsewhere, they show a character to be admired, a gentle strength. Helen noted with delight that the policewomen women have their hair down, not severely dragged back (click on photo to see enlarged). In Bolsena last Wednesday we parked in the middle of a square to duck in for a coffee. I looked out to see a police car alongside our car. I went in haste to ask the policewoman (maybe 50, glamorous, hair down, no mighty hat) if it was OK to park where we were parked. With a smile she said it was OK for a bit but not for too long. I said we were just having coffee. With a grin, she said that's fine then. I do not sense in the photo above any official anxiety about full frontal art.

Not that there isn't anybody concerned about decency in Italy, remember this?

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