Thursday, February 25, 2010

Journey into Umber and other colours

We went out without a map, confident that we could find Terni. And wishing simply to wander beyond there into the mountains. We went on from Terni to Rieti - we confess that by following our noses we seem to have entered Terni four our five times, it was hard initially to find the centre, then hard to shake off this delightful modern small city, where we were able not to be tourists and wander and admire life. We were brought to a complete halt by a shop window containing Bugatti toaster, espresso machine and scales.

It took us a short time to travel by fast expressway to Terni. As the crow flies it is 23km from Terni to Rieti. We took four hours...

In the end of winter, many trees retain their autumn leaves and the subtle and gentle colours drew us on into the country.

... after appreciation of some gentle city colours in Terni.

We wander into the country and up a narrow laneway of a hillside and approach a great arch at the ridge...

The sign says the arch is 2 metres wide.

Come through the arch and beyond the ridge a new world extending to the east.

We wandered along, taking side roads, in this amazing afternoon light, with fresh combinations of natural and man-made wonder at each ridge.

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