Monday, February 22, 2010

lovely weather for ducks

Dark and wet today... but still invigorating to walk!This town is a confusion of semicircles and ravines. Each day I attempt to walk down to the bottom of the hill and up again, in about an hour. This means wandering around the circles of stairs and roads, then looking up to find a path that appeals and heading for that one. It took a couple of days to work out that there are two ravines and the rail line runs along one then disappears through a tunnel and twists around the other side of the hill. Hence looking down yesterday from one high spot I saw a beautiful dam / pool with a pure white statue just below me, but no possible way of getting there. Setting out in completely the opposite direction today, I arrived just prior to a major duck fight, which was so alarming at the time, that I forgot to photograph it. Here is the subsequent truce.

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