Sunday, February 21, 2010

Florence - so much to see...

We went and saw certain things, some selected, some incidental, the people and current life as well as the historical.

In the rain, you run on the way to the Uffizi, past the doors of the Baptistry.

Perhaps to show respect and give sufficient attention, one should take the trip to Florence for the day and give that day to just one door, or one other collection of art. In this case, Ghiberti's Gates of Paradise,

As a tourist, you can expect that often enough there will be someone looking over your shoulder, especially if you are a couple of young women out for the day...

It does tend to glaze, it all becomes too much, the indigestion is evident as one of you works out where to go next while the other slips into torpor.

and you decide in fact it's time for lunch.

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