Friday, February 26, 2010

FOUR coins in the fountain

We are in Rome for two nights. We came down on the fast main line train yesterday morning and will go back on the slow local train direct to Soriano Saturday afternoon.

Yesterday was magically sunny; it was bus day for Caravaggio,

and beanie Thursday at the Coliseum.

After walking down by the Forum,

where Helen was determined next day to climb up the
Victor Emanuel Monument and to the capital behind,

there were lots of young men on their way to
a football match, between Rome and Athens.
Though supporting Roma it seems their custom
to wear either Celtic or Liverpool jumpers...
and on the ground if not on the bus, make relevant Englishish noises.
You will see if you enlarge the photo below that the Liverpool colours
match the Italian flag.

Here below is a photo of the Trevi Fountain. You come upon it, in the middle of the city, so startlingly beautiful, set low in the ground, in its crowded space in a small piazza which it almost entirely fills, slung as it is on the back of an apartment.

Its location is determined by the fact that it is the point of arrival in the city of the Acqua Vergine, the most important water supply entering the city, with extraordinary history - the water supply of Rome today is sourced much as it was 2000 years ago and the volume of supply is much as was then, though there have been severe interruptions and reductions for long periods, beginning with the fall of Rome.

I was able to use the camera to make a little (unrehearsed) film of Helen throwing coins in the fountain. This gives a good impression of first warm sunny day at end of winter. Whatever is the crowd like in midsummer these days...

I have been authorised to say:

[1] there were four coins, each with a wish

[2] the wishes were for Corina, Jarrah, Dino and Elena

[3] the wishes were all the same

[b] no, I'm not saying what the wishes were!

When you want to watch the film, click on the arrow at centre of the image below... If your broadband is good, click on the little device with four arrows in the lower right menu to see it on the whole screen.

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