Friday, March 5, 2010

Bells in the morning

I managed to record the Soriano Siren herself last night.

And this morning I recorded the bells which did not follow the siren last night. Today a bright and sunny day, though cold. The market being set up the square below, it's Friday.

As a special consideration to those of you who use the computer in bed or who, like the Etruscans or Romans lie down at the dining table, I managed to take this morning's movie, with no time to replace it now, in portrait mode!!

We now load car and go to Rome airport, after lunch in Maccarese, near the airport, where this blog began... See you in the southern hemisphere two days from now. The plane to London 5.30pm today Friday, the London-Sydney plane arrives Sydney 6.05am Sunday, we should catch the 7.38 train for Kiama, change to the railmotor, be in Gerringong 10.20am. (and we did, and it was a beautiful soft sunny maritime kind of day when we arrived. Helen the Fit walked the 300 metres home for the car, I minded the bags.)

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