Tuesday, March 9, 2010

things we leave

It was market day on Friday March, as is every Friday. We needed to drive to Fiumicino, to the Rome airport, return the rental car and catch the 5.30pm for London and Sydney. In innocence we had amazingly parked the night before, paying till 10am, in what turned out to be the closest parking space possible on market day. We would have had lots of difficulty otherwise. We were offered by hand as well as by windscreen wiper leaflets for the regional elections.

We said goodbye to a world of small sellers of very very fresh food, surrounding us.

We said goodbye to the main piazza and the market, buying an extra suitcase...

A last look from the castle security post, our kitchen window.

slipping down the back stairs of the Borgo di Sotto

Glancing up the short cut passage to our front door in Borgo di Sopra

a last look at this prettiest staircase entrance often admired on our way

and in the car, a last look at the old town and the castle

and this avenue of pollarded trees, winding our way out of town

down the road to Viterbo, turn left around the city walls

head on past Tarquinia and aqueduct ruins

see the autostrada empty ahead as we fail to keep pace...



there will be some summing up later...

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